Technical Services

Today I got the syllabus for the summer course I'm taking next week – Technical Services. It's being taught in one week. Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 4:30. The workload looks totally manageable, too, which I'm glad to see. I don't think I will have to be a worker bee all night every night, so I might actually get to see a little bit of Western Mass while I'm out there (the course is at Mount Holyoke). Two assignments get handed in during the course of the week, and one a week later. Both require us to go out to local libraries and see how things are done in the real world. I like that kind of stuff – it's more practical to me to report on that than to report on a bunch of readings. The nice thing is that we can work in groups of up to 3, which I'm glad to see. Normally I don't care for group work, but I know of four other women in the class who are really great and I think would be good partners. 

One thing I thought was funny is that the project due a week after class is to make an annotated webliography — a list of resources on a particular topic, with a note about what each one contains, quality of the source, etc. I'm not sure how the instructor is using the term "webliography." To me, that means it's a list of resources that lives on the web (ie an online bibliography). But the instructions say to word process it, make sure the formatting is neat, and mail in a printout. So maybe by "webliography" she means "all the resources on this list will be from the web." Who knows. Regardless of what format it is when I mail it in (word doc or printout of a web page) I'll post it to my site.

Anyway, I wouldn't expect to hear much from me next week. (Yes, I know I promised a post on library stuff, specifically OPACs. It's coming. Perhaps I'll do that later tonight or tomorrow.)

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