Big Secret Project: Reveal!

Reveal! Originally uploaded to Flickr by Spinstah. (Click through for more.)
Woohoo! Big Secret Project unveiled! At least to those who don't attend the GSLIS Stitch n Bitch. I saw Jill today and gave her these; she seemed to like them. 🙂


Knit Picks Shine: Sand, Cream, Grass, Lime, River and Sky (60% cotton, 40% modal)

Pattern: Stripey Throw from "Simple Crochet," by Erika Knight

These were started in mid-January, and finished in mid-June, so they took about six months — not bad, considering how busy I was during spring semester, which was entirely encompassed within that time.

Measurements: Green measures 28 3/4" x 54" (post blocking); Blue measures 28" x 47" (pre blocking). What can I say – it was really hard to lay this flat without stretching lengthwise. I did what I could, but I wish I could have gotten away without washing them (they travled back and forth to school quite a lot, and the green one came out to Iowa so I could work on it on the plane).

You may recognize the green and brown combination from this abandoned project, which was the pattern that I started with (Pieced Throw from the same book).

I have a ton of this yarn left over. D'oh!

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