I've been wondering for a while whether or not to get a MySpace account. I feel like I should, but that could just be that I have a tendency to sign up for, oh, just about everything.

I think about it, and then I think about Friendster. I joined Friendster and basically never used it. I would (and still do) only log in when I got an email saying someone wanted to be my friend. So I wonder if I really need another web presence, especially if I probably won't do anything with it except fill out a profile form and slap up a photo: I've got a blog, a million photos on flickr, a website (gotta fix that CSS) and I just signed up for Vox, thanks to an invite from Marielle at Chez Shoes, which I still am not quite sure what to do with (it's basically another blogging service). 

So, I thought I'd see what the rest of you do with it. Are you on MySpace? What do you do with that account?  

3 thoughts on “MySpace

  1. I’ve been thinking about MySpace, but decided it wasn’t really worth it. But then again, I don’t have a web page.

  2. Myspace is a silly beast, but it’s fun if you feel like playing with it. I have one for – it’s a good way to try to reach a new audience. I just started one up for my upcoming book tour, too, which is geared toward teens and young adults. If I weren’t promoting stuff, though, I don’t know I’d get much out of it (too old and intolerant of chain letters, I s’pose). 😉

  3. I think MySpace is lame. I have an account, sure, but it’s wicked lame. I’m not twelve, and neither are all my friends, and yet they all insist on filling out those lame survey thingies and posting them as bulletins and what not. It’s lame. The only reason I have an account is because a group I belong to decided that it was easiest to keep in contact with one another and to establish a group presence by having a MySpace account. I hate the damned thing. I find it excruciatingly annoying. The pages never seem to load when I want them to, and the only reason I go there is when I get an email saying that someone has sent me a message or wants to be my friend.

    So, in a nutshell, I hate it. I think it might be good for high school students, but not for me. I’d much rather have something that’s geared more for professionals than adolescents. I don’t think it does what it wants to do very well. It’s good enough for most people, so it’s popular.

    I didn’t really mean to get all ranty about it. It’s just one of those things that thoroughly annoys me.

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