More spam

Wow. I just had 613 comments that were marked as spam and held aside. I just deleted them all, so hopefully that didn’t catch anything that was a valid comment. (When I last posted about all the spam the filter was catching, it had also pulled aside a valid comment by someone who had commented previously, and I’m not sure why. I didn’t compare the email addresses she used.) If it did, my apologies. Feel free to submit it again.

I tweaked my settings. I’ve always requried that you fill out your name and email, but now I’m also requiring that you have a previously approved comment. I’m not sure what happens if you don’t, but I’m assuming it’ll be held for moderation and then once I approve it, you’ll be all set in the future. I don’t really think that it will, but I’m hoping it’ll prevent valid comments from being caught by the spam filter, which I guess I should keep a closer eye on for a while just in case.

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