Modded Corded

I started working on Corded a few weeks ago but was struggling with it a little bit. Not because the pattern itself is difficult (seed stitch) but because the fiber, Noro Daria, is weird to work with. I was having all kinds of problems knitting properly with it (not to mention the dpns forever sliding right out . . . oops). I finally messed up the stitch pattern somehow and frogged the whole thing. I still really wanted to make a little clutch or small “stuff” bag with it, and I liked the shape of corded. So, I followed the pattern in crochet. Brilliant!
To build the sides of the bag, I just crocheted a round into the outermost stich on the top side of the base, and then went from there. Woo! With an E hook and tight gauge, the bag is 2″ x 4″ at the base, and 2.75″ high, slightly smaller than Grumperina’s specs. It’d be easy enough to make this tiny (change purse) or larger (actual clutch handbag size) and otherwise modify away. I’ve got another skein in this color, so I think I’ll do up another one of these for a gift.

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