What I’m Doing On My Summer Vacation

Because clearly, it’s not blogging, despite all my grand plans of writing lots of library-related posts this summer. Oh well. I’ve kept myself busy enough.

I’m working at both of my jobs, on various projects. That’s all going OK. Even though there are classes in session, the lab has been very quiet. There’s plenty to do at my other job though, and it looks like I’ll be writing some more articles for InfoLink (my program’s newsletter). I slacked off a bit on the working end of things for a few weeks, and I am trying to ramp it up a bit now.

I’m obviously reading a lot, which has been wonderful. Reading is so relaxing when it’s something you want to read, as opposed to assigned reading that is never, ever discussed in class (seems to be an epidemic around library school). I’ve been writing up my little reviews here, but I have given up on trying to do much more than just provide my impressions of the book. I’m not getting paid to think that hard about my reading (take notes while doing it, write reviews with the book in front of me, etc.). I’m currently reading “The Six Wives of Henry the VIII.” (Thanks, Michael! I’m really enjoying it.)
I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot, though I don’t have a ton of finished objects to show for it, since a lot of early projects this summer got ripped back. Last night I finished the Braided Mischief (more later) and soon I’ll start teaching myself how to knit socks, as well as start work on another secret project, code-named “Faboo.” I’m awaiting a shipment from Knit Picks for those two. And I’ve been stalking 10-packs of Noro Silk Garden on ebay, waiting for a colorway I like to snatch it up and cast on a Lady Eleanor for myself.
Lots of updating is going on at Spinstah: Webpage Edition. I changed around some of the design and now it looks much better – there are photos and they’re even in the right place!

There hasn’t been a ton of cooking, but I did make a really good pizza the other day, which was tasty but sadly slightly marred by my poor choice of Pillsbury crust, which is WAY too buttery for pizza crust. What can I say, I was feeling lazy (no way I’m defrosting and then rolling out that frozen dough) and cheap (hey this Pillsbury stuff is almost a dollar cheaper than Boboli crusts). Live and learn. I haven’t been making ice cream as much as I wanted to because the ice cream maker is so loud that I don’t like to run it when my roommates are home, but then it’s also been so hot that I’m afraid it won’t turn out too well (which happened with a batch last year).

I’m partway through making a couple of belts for myself.

My Mom has come in to visit a couple of times (my Dad is a country boy at heart and would rather stay home and play in the woods with his tractor than go to the MFA). We got drinks and dessert one day, and also did some fun shopping.

I had a totally delicious dinner at Daedalus with the gals a few weeks ago. So worth the money. I’m really looking forward to restaurant week: I have lunch reservations with Jill at Harvest and am working on planning a dinner with some ladies at The Federalist. And I think I might try to work in one more dinner. Why not?!

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