On paying more attention . . .

. . . when grabbing knitting needles from my needle-vase.

Ever realize, almost at the end of a project, that you are using needles of two different sizes? And to boot, you only notice this because you have cast on for another project and gotten a couple of rows into it? And, also, you only cast on for project #2 with needles involved in the switcheroo because you thought you didn’t have the right size for the new project? But then after a couple of rows you checked your needle collection again and realized you do, in fact, own needles of the correct size?

This confirms that my brain has been shut off since 6/22, when I put my summer class homework assignment in the mail.

2 thoughts on “On paying more attention . . .

  1. While I don’t want to rejoice in your suffering, it is good to know that I’m not the only one who does these things.

    And I love the yarn. Recycled silk? mmmmm….!

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