Fill my Netflix queue

As those of you who know me in person are well aware, I am a pop-culture moron. When friends ask me about bands or movies, my typical response is “um, I’ve heard of that movie/band . . . but I haven’t seen it/heard them.”

Earlier this summer, I signed up for Netflix to remedy this problem (and also so I can stop watching so much CSI and Law & Order while knitting or crocheting). I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my queue (which I cannot share with non-Netflix members and am not going to retype for you) but I’d love to hear your recommendations and/or favorite movies. I don’t much care for your typical summer-blockbuster-type action movie, but outside of that I’ll consider almost anything else. Indie, foreign, comedy, drama, period, cartoons, whatever.

And if you have Netflix, let’s be buds, eh? Add me as your friend: alisonkc at gmail dot com.

Also, when my phone rings, it now literally says “Ring Ring.” Yeah!

3 thoughts on “Fill my Netflix queue

  1. It’s not a real well-known film, but check out The Impostors, a Marx Brothers-style retro comedy with Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt, Steve Buscemi, Alfred Molina, Lily Taylor, and Tony Shaloub. (Not to mention Allison Janney, Hope Davis, Isabella Rossellini, Campbell Scott, Dana Ivey, and an uncredited cameo by Woody Allen. Oops. Guess I just mentioned them.) It’s quirky, funny, and has great music. Tucci wrote and directed it.

  2. I am a big fan of Neflix. In my town, we are far enough away from bigger towns that we don’t get broadcast TV unless we pay for cable. I’m not about to pay for advertising and shows that suck, so we do Netflix. And I’m going over there now to add you to my buddies or friends or neighbors or whatever. (Be warned that my queue may be on the dull side… I kind of dig documentaries at the moment)

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