New glasses

I got some new glasses this weekend – a pair of readers, not a new prescription. I currently have two pairs of prescription glasses: one pair from ’01 for “reading and close work,” another from ’03 to correct for a “slight astigmatism.” Those of you who have been with us for a while may vaguely recall some hubub from last summer when I went to a third eye doctor (ah, the joys of ever-changing health insurance) and was told that in ’03 I bought a pair of glasses I didn’t need. From the old blog:

I learned today from a third ophthalmologist that I have 20/20 vision. The doctor I saw today told me that my prescription for the astigmatism hasn’t changed. He also told me that he sees “absolutely no need” for me to wear glasses all the time to correct for said astigmatism, mainly because it’s no worse than what you’d find in a random sample of people who don’t wear glasses. He did say that I have “latent farsightedness,” which makes it difficult for people who do a lot of close work to maintain their focus for long periods of time. He recommended that I stick with my existing prescription and “ad lib” with my glasses — use them when I feel like I need them.

I decided that I’d still wear my glasses basically all the time, but I became less vigilant about always having them on when reading (for short periods of time) and generally walking around. But in the last several months I’ve started to find that I do have trouble reading sometimes – but I only notice it when I’m reading something far away. Like, say, menus posted overhead at takeout places and coffee shops. Neither pair helps with this. This has led me to two conclusions, I don’t claim that they make any sense:

1. I should be more careful about wearing glasses when I’m reading things, so I make sure that I almost always have a pair of glasses on me to read the menu at sit-down places (or anything else that I should choose to pick up and read for more than a moment). The almost covers times when I can’t fit the glasses case into the cute tiny purse and don’t have coat pockets to help.

2. It doesn’t matter which pair I wear when, and in fact I might as well get a pair of readers that I can treat a little less carefully than the prescription (read: expensive) pairs — you know, put them in the cute tiny purses without a case.

I’m due to go back to the eye doctor next summer. If I do (I might hold off until the summer after, when I would hopefully have big-girl health insurance with some sort of vision coverage), my plan is to go in and tell the doctor that I have glasses, but have been told different things about why I need to wear them in the last few years, and ask him or her to do the exam and formulate their suggestion before we talk details about the glasses I already have. We’ll see.

Anyway, all that’s to say that if you click through you can see the other ones in case you are curious. This is the danger of a digital camera and a flickr account . . . I had only planned to take this detail shot and post it.

One thought on “New glasses

  1. Cool glasses! That post right next to your post about birth control made me think about the glasses my husband was issued for free at the Coast Guard academy–think big, thick, plastic, nerdy glasses. The guys called them BC Glasses (Birth Control Glasses), go figure!

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