Back to school

Library School (TM) started up again this week. I’m still on the slow track to get the degree (Dec. ’07, but only if I take a class this summer or during the short term this winter, both of which seem unlikely). Anywho, I am once again going to be ridiculously busy. Over the course of the next 14(ish) weeks, I am going to be:

  • Taking two classes (“Evaluation of Information Services” and “Database Management,” both with Sheila Denn . . . who crochets!)
  • Working at the Tech Lab
  • Working for the Pubs Team, which will involve doing more fun website stuff (a couple of really cool things will hopefully be ready soon!) as well as more writing for InfoLink
  • Helping my alter ego run ASIS&T@Simmons
  • Going to Austin for ASIS&T Annual! (After which Austin will truly understand the meaning of the word “weird.”)
  • Coordinating the ever-growing workshop series. (You remember, the one that Michael Stehpens mentioned on the ALA TechSource blog? We added more workshops to that series.)
  • Giving some of those workshops, as well as basic HTML workshops to help students complete a tech requirement
  • Doing some freelance web work for a local community foundation

There will also be more Stitch n Bitch (Tuesdays at 6pm in Java City). And presumably some homework. Hopefully a couple of Terrier hockey games with Sparkle J and The Knitting Librarian. (And maybe a Bruins game from up in the rafters of the Garden). Hopefully some hockey-watching and hanging out at a great new bar near my house that the Gentleman Caller introduced me to the other night.

And to help me (hopefully) cope with all that without developing a nasty twitch, I have done two things. I signed up for a basic yoga class that meets twice a week (along with a friend). And I bought a Backpack account on the first day of school, when I already felt like my head was going to explode. (The pubs team uses Basecamp, which I have totally fallen in love with.) This weekend I will take a long, deep breath, and throw myself headlong into library school. (Yes, that means the blog will be updated more often. I don’t promise that there will be more library content than there has been in the past, though.)

Yeah, I’m exhausted just reading that, too.

4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Exhausting, but looks like you’re doing a really good job of balancing the school/work thing with an actual social life. Something I have yet to figure out how to work into my schedule!

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  4. I have to say I’m jealous–there are 4 librarians and 2 english profs in my family–the genetic desire to play with books is strong!

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