For those of you who come by looking for the fiber content, I thought I’d fill you in on how my current projects are going. Because despite walking into a brick wall on September 6 (figuratively, people) they are progressing.

The socks I started over the summer . . . oh, July I think it was that I cast on for those. Well, they have been abandoned midway through the swatch. I think I’ll get back to them during the winter break, and probably will just move on to the next part of the Harlot‘s instructions.

Faboo! is coming along nicely. I will spare you the convoluted explanation, but I have adapted the colors and stripe pattern from a knit project into a totally different crocheted pattern. I have my complicated little stripe sequence and I’m quite happy with that, thankyouverymuch. It is just as bright and fun and happy as I had hoped it would be. And it is fast. Thank you, half double crochet.

I’m also working on a little headband with the crazy stripey yarn I randomly bought from ebay this summer. As I started working with it I realized that the color repeats of the stripe were really short, but that lends itself well to something narrow. Extremely narrow. And even though it is tiny yarn, tiny needles and purling with the two, it’s still moving along fairly quickly. (The easier time I am having with purling makes me think that this yarn is stretchier than the sock yarn.) Also, for those of you who knit and crochet, I urge you to never knit an i-cord if you can avoid it. I tried to knit one for this project and I am fairly certain that I was following the directions correctly, but I had something that looked nothing like a cord. So I pulled out The Happy Hooker and Ms. Stoller explained to me how to crochet a slip stich cord. Yeah! I’ll see if I can get some pictures of this little project this weekend.

The Noro Silk Garden is still waiting patiently, even though the needles for Lady E are freed up due to a change in plan with Faboo! I think this is pretty much only because I don’t have as much time for yarn. Sad. It did recently get a visit from The Knitting Librarian, though. So, there’s been some lovin’.

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