Database Management

One of my two classes this semester is LIS 458: Database Management. Much like cataloging and the C++ course I took a couple of years ago at BU, it just makes sense — but it’s a challenge to implement the concepts when doing assignments. I like that. To me, there is something very satisfying about doing something and finding the answer, as opposed to thinking about concepts and writing a paper about your thoughts. (I know, who would have ever thought an English major would say that?) So far we have done all sorts of cool stuff with conceptual diagrams of databases, and are implementing them as well (in Access, unfortunately, but we will learn some SQL, so I’ll be able to put this conceptual knowledge to use in other formats).

At the moment, I need to wrap this up and go to my other class, which is not so exciting. LIS 403: Evaluation of Information Services. Taught by the same professor, who is awesome. The topic is just less interesting to students, and harder for faculty to wrestle with in terms of teaching. But there are a lot of people who I already know in that class, so it’s fun to chat with them on the break, and before class starts.

I’m also contemplating what to take next semester. Registration starts in about a month, though, so there is plenty of time to contemplate (and plenty of time to hope that one class in particular changes the time it’s at, since I really don’t want to take a night class and get home at 10pm).

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