Headband – done and done!

Despite how busy the semester has been, I have still had time to knit and crochet (and not just during my weekly stitch n bitch). This is a photo of a project that was finished not long thereafter. Hopefully there will be a sunny afternoon this weekend so I can take a picture of the whole thing.

This is a headband, knit up with fingering weight, 100% handdyed merino (I didn’t dye it). I purchased this at random from ebay over the summer, and naturally was completely at a loss as to what to do with it. I decided it’d make a great gift for someone, and was inspired to make a headband after seeing a couple posted around the blogosphere. Since the yarn is so tiny and the color changes are short, I gave up on trying to do Molly’s Headband (from Sweet Somethings [PDF]) and just did straight stockinette, with a crocheted slip-stitch cord.

I don’t think I’d like the color changes on something any wider, which is going to limit what else I might make with this yarn. I think it might lend itself to a cool belt (particularly since I wear a lot of patternless clothing) and could make a fun little pouch. That being said, I won’t be going back to work on anything with this for a while. I need a break from the US 1’s.

Click  through for a few more in-progress shots.

For those of you wondering about the status of Faboo!, the current secret project, it is going well, and I have plenty of time to finish it.

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