Autumn is here, winter approaches . . .

It has become apparent that, not only is fall upon us, but winter is rapidly approaching. (I know, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about this.) I am resisting moving into wearing the wool coat and the parka (partially because the wool coat needs a button sewn on, yet again, and the parka needs to be washed and re-waterproofed). But I did have to break out the gloves and hat earlier this week, so I know the charade can’t go on much longer.

All day today as well as last night, I listened to the wind whipping around the house, rattling the glass in the (old, single-pane, very drafty) windows. Heading up a new list of Things To Do When I Return from Austin is putting plastic up over the windows in my bedroom and the living room (and possibly the kitchen, depending on how much stuff comes in the kit). When I say the panes rattle, I mean that they actually move back and forth and make noise, because in places they have pulled away from the frame entirely. Charming, no? Even more so, since the upstairs and downstairs apartments got new (modern, double-paned, professionally-installed) windows a couple of years ago. I have never actually plastic-ed windows myself, but I have some vague childhood memories of it from before we got new windows installed. Also, I’ve been assured that it’s entirely a one-woman job. Hopefully it is a one-woman, no-more-than-two-hours job.

Given the wind and the cold today, it was definitely the kind of day that I much prefer to spend baking, but given that I leave for ASIS&T Annual on Saturday and have a lot to do in the meantime, I didn’t. (Don’t worry, I have tons of muffins individually wrapped in the freezer.) I ran errands, I did some shopping online (must you ask? Christmas gifts, mostly, and some sweaters for me as several had to be retired this winter), I completed an assignment for the database class, and made some good headway on an assignment for the evaluation class.

No, I didn’t do anything for Halloween. The only things going on in my circle were either too far away or starting too late (or both) for someone with so much to do this weekend, so I sat home and worked on Faboo! . . . which is very close to finished!

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