I ordered some minicards from Moo shortly before I left for Austin, and they had arrived when I got back last night. They have a dorky poem and instructions for care and feeding of handknits/crochets on the reverse, so obviously the plan is to give them out with things I make for people. (Another package arrived today; clearly for some reason they printed my order twice. It is going to take me a long, long time for me to make 200 things for other people.)

I know someone will want to know, so here is the dorky-in-that-charming-way-of-hers (at least I hope that’s how people think of me when I do these things) poem:

Cotton is red, merino is blue;
Someone with yarn has been thinking of you.

Some of them came out better than others — I didn’t have quite enough high-quality yarn photos to stick just with that, and even adding in what I consider to be my best other landscape-y shots I wound up with a small number. I threw in a few other things that look fine (two of the photos weren’t really suited to this use) but just aren’t as good. I used 25 different images, and in hindsight should have pared out 5 of them. But at $0.25 each, they are still a deal. If I ever get through them all.

One thought on “Moo!

  1. Okay, that poem? Love it. Seriously, I think it’s adorable and I may have to steal it from you.

    And I didn’t know about this Moo thing. I may have to snag me some of those. Sweet! Thanks for the link/info.

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