Thanksgiving 2006

I was home for a long weekend for Thanksgiving – I’m super lucky because I get TWO Thanksgiving meals in the space of three days. Woo! On Thursday, my nuclear family goes to the house of one of my aunts (Mom’s the oldest of 8, aka the General, this aunt is the second-oldest, aka the Lieutenant). Some of her husband’s family usually joins us there.

Then on Saturday, whoever of my Mom’s brothers and sisters is able to make it comes to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving Part 2. This year was fairly small with just 11, and with non-family and family equally represented: my nuclear family, two aunts, an uncle, three of my friends and one of my brother’s friend.

This year, we had some spectacular gag gifts, which require some explanation. In 2005, my Aunt Peg and her family were able to come up from Ithaca, NY to join us. My Mom remembers better than I do, but somehow the conversation turned to SPAM and soon everyone was in hysterics, laughing so hard we were crying. Aunt Peg and her family could’t join us this year, so Peg sent a package with gifts for my Dad and Uncle John, her brothers-in-law, and my Aunt Jacqui, her sister (the youngest of the 8). They are from the official SPAM museum in Austin . . . Minnesota.

Anyway, much delicious food was eaten and photos of the SPAM-related festivities are of course up on flickr; you can click through on the photo above or follow this link to the album, where they are in an order that might make a little more sense than the photostream.

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