Reveal: Faboo!

Today I gave Faboo! to its recipient, a very-soon-to-be-mom. Click through for a picture of the hat I made to go with it. And the wrapped package, because it was super cute.

Faboo! – Crocheted Chevron Baby Blanket
Swish Superwash, Size G hook
Swatching began 8/11/06
Finished on 11/12/06; washed & dried on 11/17/06
42″ x 27.5″ (pre-wash & dry)
43″ x 30.5″ (post-wash & dry)

True to form, I changed my mind about what I was going to make after I bought the yarn. The original idea was to make Wild Stripes, sans backing and with some sort of stitch pattern for interest. Since it is in fact a baby blanket, I decided it made more sense to make it in superwash than in the wool the pattern called for. So, I bought 13 colors of Knit Picks’ Swish Superwash, trying to keep as close to the colors in Wild Stripes as possible. I borrowed Stitchionary from a friend and started swatching. Aside from the fact that half the time, the patterns in Stitchionary didn’t work, I couldn’t find anything I liked. Then, I was flipping through an issue of Crochet Today! and spotted a chevron pillow. Bingo!

I then proceeded to go through what most people would probably consider a rather needlessly complicated process of planning the stripes. (That is “Who me, control freak?-ese” for “you might want to skip this paragraph. And the next one.”) First I lined up all the yarns in the order they’re used in Wild Stripes. Then I rearranged them a little, because I had one color that was completely different from the color it was standing in for. Then I wrote down the colors in that order. Then I looked at Wild Stripes and wrote down the number of rows for each color in the exact order in which they appear in the pattern, disregarding which color was currently called for in Wild Stripes. Then I crocheted the middle part of the blanket following along the colors in my order, and the number of rows in Wild Stripes’ order. This section is the middle chunk of the blanket (the wide yellow stripe is the very middle stripe).

Then, since I am anal retentive and cannot let stripes be random, I figured out how to do the rest of the blanket. Yellow is in the middle, so each end had a thin yellow stripe added to it, because it couldn’t go on just one side. Then I worked from the outside strip in, mirroring the order of the colors. In other words, the colors on the right side of the stripe were added to the left, and vice-versa. (If you care enough to look, you’ll see what I mean.) For these, I didn’t figure out numbers of rows in advance, I just did what I thought I could get out of the yarn left, and in a couple of cases did less because I didn’t want super-wide stripes on the edges.

Thus was (complicated-ly) born Faboo!, which was received by Momma G with much love this afternoon. It is squishy, soft, warm and poop-proof, and I hope that Baby G will literally love it to pieces. 🙂

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