I just completed the Easy Legwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used one of the recommended yarns — Tweed Cascade 220 — and did not use the mohair. They came out pretty well, but I do have a couple of things to note in case you’re thinking of making these. But first let me saw that working with the Tweed was neat – I liked watching the little bits of color pop up as I knit along.

  • I got a full pair out of one hank of Cascade 220, with nothing worthwhile leftover. I didn’t have gauge exactly, but this isn’t a project where that really matters. If these will be worn by someone petite, you can certainly get away with a single skein. Can’t speak for the mohair, though.
  •  That being said, they are a little smaller than I would like them. They are quite stretchy, so they fit, but I would prefer them to be a little looser around the ankle, and to be stretching a bit less across the tops of my calves.

I have another hank of this, so I could have frogged the first one and tried again, casting on a couple more stitches. But I made them mainly to wear during my commute in the winter. So, they will either be under pants or if I am wearing a skirt, won’t be on me during the day.

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