Read any good books lately?

With just a week and a half to go until the end of the semester (and barely two assignments left), my thoughs have turned to my winter break activities. Namely, tons of knitting, baking and reading.

The knitting I have under control (Lady Eleanor and the Top-Down Raglan Cardi), as well as the baking. But I’d like to solicit recommendations for some books to read over break. Right now I am working through John Hodgman’s “The Areas of my Expertise.” Entertaining so far, and good for picking up and putting down. I think there are new editions of The Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize Stories, so if there are I’ll pick those up. But what else do you suggest? I like fiction, specifically short stories, but this summer I read some non-fiction that I enjoyed (including Alison Weir’s huge “The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth,” which was great). I have heard good things about “What Do I Read Next,” a book recommendation database that we have access to at Simmons. So, I’ll certainly check that out, but it’s always good to get recommendations from actual people. (Double bonus points if you’re local and own a copy you can loan to me for those filler times when I’m waiting for ILL.)

Crocheters – has anyone personally seen Amazing Crochet Lace yet? I tried to look at it at Borders last weekend but despite claiming that they had a copy in-store, it was nowhere to be found. The needlework section was a mess. There’s a new one in town that I’m going to try and check out this weekend, in hopes that their needlework section is in less disarray. And in hopes that they have a copy of Adorn. It’s the same publisher as Crochet Today! which is awesome.

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