Looky here!

Guess what I cast on for the other night.

Lady Eleanor! Finally. I’m excited to be working on this project, and I enjoy it. I’m finding that the entrelac pattern is pretty easy to remember so far (well, except for what I am supposed to do for the triangles on each side) and is not boring.

This is Noro Silk Garden in colorway 246. The colors are gorgeous, and the Silk Garden’s long color changes really lend themselves to this project. But I’m not sure how I feel about this yarn otherwise. I’ve used one ball of my ten so far, and while I didn’t run into the usual “organic matter” (bits of grass and hay) that we usually think of with some of the Noro yarns, I’m finding that this is unevenly spun. In some places it is practically unspun, and I’m working with something akin to Malabrigo. In other places it is overspun and is really small. That’s annoying for this project, as it is affecting some of the seams and making them look wonky. But, I keep reminding myself it is not a huge issue. As I’ve said before, a great side effect of knitting is that it forces me to be less of a perfectionist.

The current traveling project is an inch of the Gentleman Caller’s watchcap. I just finished off this ball of Silk Garden tonight, so the rest of tonight’s knitting will be focused on said hat. I have a lot of 2×1 ribbing to get through.

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