Comcastic? I think not

I’m going to keep this short, because if I don’t it’ll devolve into a rant.

We have Comcast at my apartment, as our provider for high-speed Internet and cable TV. The cost has been creeping upward since I moved in three years ago, as is to be expected, I suppose. Right now our total bill is close to $100 per month. Split three ways, that’s not so bad. But here are a couple of line items that particularly bother me.

  1. $10/month for 4 IP addresses. This charge showed up after we were having trouble connecting when more than one person wanted to be online. Yes, we have a router.
  2. It’s either $6.95 or $7.95/month (I don’t have a bill – it goes to my roommate) for the “channel guide,” which is that scrollable screen that tells you what’s on the channels you pay for. We get 5 rows of programming to scroll through, with the top half of the screen devoted to showing you the description of the show. Fine. I think it’s ridiculous of them to charge for that, but whatever.

Now, here’s the thing. We have trouble connecting to the Internet – we are constantly having to reset the cable modem and router. It has tapered off a bit recently, but if it starts up again I am going to ask my roommates to write down the dates and time when they reset. When it’s bad, it’s at least once a day. I’m sorry, how is this worth $50 each month? On top of that, it hasn’t even been particularly high-speed recently.

Here’s the other thing. The channel guide — which we pay for — has now had one row of show listings replaced by advertisements. Where’s the ad revenue going, Comcast? If you’re going to sell ad space on the channel guide, make it free. If you’re going to make us pay for it, don’t put ads on it.


One thought on “Comcastic? I think not

  1. I have RCN in the Boston area and have had to reset a whole lot these past few months too. I’d been considering switching over it, but if Comcast has the same issues for roughly the same price I suppose it’s not worth the trouble. The whole thing makes me quite grumpy though.

    PS: I’m also a Simmons GSLIS student, so hi! *waves*

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