I hope you all had a lovely holiday if you celebrate it. I will have some photos from home up on Flickr in the next day or so; despite having a new cable modem brought over by Comcast while I was away, the connection is still slow and wonky and drops a lot. Comcast is telling my roommate it’s the router. I maintain that it is Comcast and my roommate thinks that it is the cables coming into the house. Who knows. Roommate number three is apparently not having any problems with his connectino now that we have a new cable modem, but that is hearsay so who knows.

Anyway, I gave the Gentleman Caller his hat last night. This was my first ever knitted hat (I have crocheted plenty, but prefer how knit hats look) and there were some bumps along the way. Like randomly starting to knit in the wrong direction and deacreases that didn’t line up into the star pattern because I cannot count. (Luckily, these details do not matter when the man is over six feet tall and the hat is black.) Now, the GC is a big dude with a large noggin, and for a while I was afraid that the hat would not fit. But after I finished and measured and compared, I decided that it would. Whew!

Get this. It’s too big.

I was not surprised that it was too long — I added some length to it. I am surprised that it is too loose. I didn’t bother last night when I gave it to him, but hopefully this weekend I can see the GC and have a little fitting to take some measurements, and then I can rejigger the pattern. Oh well.