On shopping, specifically sales

 Gentlemen, my apologies, you may not really care that much about this post.

meucci shoesHere we have a pair of Sesto Meucci shoes on my very own feet. (Sorry for the distracting background, I couldn’t get a clear picture anywhere farther away from the lamp.) They are quite cute. The chocolate and reddish-brown colors wrap around and expand to cover the back of the shoe, while the shiny brownish-brown that makes up the main color in this photo tapers off. They and have a stacked kitten heel. While I won’t be walking around the city in these, I think they will be fine for all-day wear to work.

The best part of this? I can’t find these exact shoes online anywhere, but other Sesto Meucci shoes I am seeing go for $160ish. I paid $26 at DSW. Yeah! These will work well with skirts, and potentially also with some pants  I got today. (The next female friend who is over at my place will be subjected to critiquing a few things I bought today at Ann Taylor. Consider yourselves warned.)

I am also eyeballing these, either in the black or brown leather. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking a day to try on half of my wardrobe (the “I’m a successful adult with a good job” part of it, also known as the “please, please, PLEASE hire me for this full-time job that pays more than $20,000 and has decent benefits, I am desperate”), and then I will go try on those shoes and make an evaluation as to whether or not they are appropriate and will work.

Why all the shopping from someone who is barely working right now? It was planned all along. I am beginning to gear up for job hunting and networking like mad in 2007. I will be out and about trying to connect with folks who might be able to help me get a job at, oh, say, MIT Collection Services. To that end, everything I bought today is professional dress up type clothes. Most of it was at least a little on sale, everything is very high-quality, and everything can pair up with stuff I already own. Over the course of the year I’ll be haunting the local consignment shops to keep an eye out for any more good deals. I’m also going to try to avoid buying any more casual clothes for the moment, and put the money towards more professional things. (The exception to this will probably be the annual “cheap tee shirts and tanks from H&M and the GAP” stock up.)

Can’t you write some of these job-hunting expenses off on your taxes? I know I have missed it for the upcoming filing, but I will have to look into it in the next couple of weeks so I can keep track of these expenses if I can write it off next year.

2 thoughts on “On shopping, specifically sales

  1. I bought a pair of shoes today, and am considering ordering another pair online since DSW didn’t have my size in the color I loved. I also hit H&M hard and bought a dress and three skirts.

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