In case you weren’t sure. . .

. . . liquid laundry detergent, left on your uninsulated back porch (with bonus storm windows that are rusted in place and therefore cannot be pulled down to block the wind) will freeze. Consider yourself warned. (The dryer sheets will be fine, though.)

4 thoughts on “In case you weren’t sure. . .

  1. Oh, that sucks. And you probably grabbed it just when you needed it to do some laundry right-this-minute.

    At least in its solid state it can’t ooze onto your carpet and make your life hell. A different kind of hell, I mean. 🙂

  2. Arun – I didn’t have that much left, so I’m not sure if it expanded. The real problem was that it was frozen and therefore could not be poured out of the bottle and into the washer.

    Kathy – Yeah, you win for hellish detergent problems. I borrowed a little bit from a bottle in the basement that another tenant left. Mine is now down there as well, defrosting.

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