Compulsive Cables

Hey look! I wrote a pattern!

I am pretty excited, mostly to see if other people knit it up, and if so what they do with it. The pattern itself should be fairly easy to modify, given that I have included lots of narrative description.

I struggled the most with the crown decreases, as I was trying to simultaneously decrease a lot and keep cabling. Didn’t work out so well. After a couple of attempts I finally just did some plain decreases at the very top, and that worked out well enough. I have enough yarn left over that I might make a flower to pin to the top, or perhaps to the side.

The yarn is Malabrigo in Verdeazul, knit up on US 7’s,the smallest size recommended. The hat itself is all cabled, and has a cute little brim that’s created by not putting any ribbing or other border on the bottom, and simply launching straight into the pattern.

I can see a lot of ways to modify this hat, fairly easily, using different widths and heighs of cables, adding border to subtract the brim, and perhaps carrying the cables up a little closer to the top. You could even knit up a Scarf Rescue Hat a la Yarn Harlot, if you want to avoid the decreases entirely.

The pattern is here if you are so inclined. A couple of more photos are up on flickr if you want to take a look (click through the photo above). Nothing with it on my head yet, as I haven’t had someone around to help me take a photo during the limited daylight hours. Potentially this weekend. I plan to maintain a gallery if anyone else knits this. We’ll see!

I might put up the recipe for the GC’s watchcap once I know whether or not take two fits.

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