Today I spent 6.5 hours churning out HTML for a very important project for work that, due to a breakdown in communications, I hadn’t yet completed. At a meeting yesterday, I found out that it was expected the web component of this project would be ready for tomorrow.

Insert nervous laughter tinged with hilarity here.
Luckily it was actually possible for me to get this ready enough today. But only because several months ago, I had done one of the three main pages (out of four, the fourth being an intro page). Good thing, too, because I didn’t have another four hours to give to this project today (that’s how long I estimate that page would have taken to create). Also I touch type really fast and with good accuracy. Comes in handy.

So, my work today is not perfect, but it’s (sort of) live and it’s been spellchecked by the machine. Thus it is ready enough if I am unable to finish it in the time I have available tomorrow. It remains for me to check the links–and this will take a big chunk of time, because the pages I created are all links–and the spelling. I will probably also fix up one or two things here and there.

I can’t believe I can still type with accuracy. (I hand code in Dreamweaver–I find the color-coding extremely helpful.) My neck is upset with me though, since I was at my laptop for the entire time, looking down at both the screen and the paperwork. I think I’ll go into the office tomorrow to fix this up.

Anyway, I’ll post the official ‘reveal’ tomorrow for any who are interested. It’s a cool project and a friend worked really hard on it. We are psyched that it is ready! (Though I of course wish I had been a little more aware of that. 😉

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