Here we have my completed pair of Fetching fingerless gloves, finished last night. Due to the enormous glass of wine I consumed whilst finishing these, the cables at the top (on my palm) twist the same way on both gloves. Whoops.

I cast on for these I believe on January 20th. I had originally planned to modify them to make them longer, and did so for the first one. But this pattern and yarn created such a thick fabric that I didn’t like it. (I wore the long one around the house the night I finished it, feeling rather odd but glad that my roommates don’t really question these sorts of things.) So, I knit the second one to spec, ripped the long one back, and followed the pattern again. The only change I did was to skip the picot bind off, mainly because my picot looked horrendous and I didn’t want to keep trying until I got it right– I wanted to wear my mitts! (Oh – knit up on US7s.)

This is a really fast project — I could have finished them much sooner than last night, were it not for the ripping back of the first one and the fact that I accidentally ripped back a keepable portion of the second one. (A mistake caught from the Yarn Harlot herself, so I didn’t feel too bad about it. At least I don’t have kids, so I had no one to laugh at me.)

This is a great pattern that I can see myself making again for a gift. As for the yarn itself, I like it. It wasn’t the most evenly spun, but it wasn’t anything like Noro Silk Garden. Oh, and I did find one knot in the first ball. Not bad, though, considering that it was tied before the yarn was dyed.

This took less than a ball of the yarn (I bought two), and so I think I am going to make a Calorimetry with the rest of it. Seems like it’d be a cute little set. Oh, and someday you may see better photos of these. Like when there is natural light in my apartment for more than half an hour, if that. Or perhaps when I have an assistant (and better lighting).

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