Like dyeing your hair . . .

. . . only free.

One of the things I like about using is that I can’t just go in and start monkeying around with the CSS of the theme that I pick (well, I could if I wanted to pay, but I don’t). With one click I can change my theme, and then I can make a few changes to the sidebar contents. And then I have to be satisfied.

This is all to say that I just changed my theme to a new one that they just added for us. You may notice that it really doesn’t look all that different from the last one. What can I say, I like clean design.

Lady Eleanor is done, but I haven’t had photos taken yet. I need help for that. I did have Lady E and my camera at SnB the other night, but I was tired and did not feel like standing up and walking to an area with better light. I have gotten numerous comments from folks around school. She really is gorgeous! Worth all of the Silk Garden annoyance.

[EDIT 3/4: I neglected to note that I took the new header image on Symphony Road in Boston last spring. Here’s the full-sized version.]

3 thoughts on “Like dyeing your hair . . .

  1. I’m delurking to say:
    Wow, this is really a good template, very nice! I host my WordPress blog on my own domain, so I can choose which ever template I wish & then play around with it, but I haven’t been that satisfied with my current one, so I may just steal this one and tweak it…stay tuned!

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