Popped collar? No thanks.

So, I have knit up the first skein for the Top-Down Cardi, and I really love how the Araucania Nature Wool (Chunky) is knitting up. I’m using the needle size recommended on the label – US 10.5, which seems to be working well. (The Knit Picks Options are great but I am still adjusting to how slippy they are, especially given that I knit on bamboo otherwise.) Click through for a front view of the 6″ I have so far.

Anyway, on to my problem, seen here. The seed stitch edging has produced a popped collar. WTF?! No thanks. Any advice, peeps? I fully believe in the magic of blocking but I have too much fabric here, so I don’t think it’ll do much. I’m totally fine with ripping out the whole thing and knitting it over again (in the next smaller size, I think, if not even maybe a little smaller), but am not sure how to mod this edging to make it behave.

For the neckband, the pattern says to knit 1″ to 1.5″ inches of seed stitch. Then, start the yoke in stockinette with raglan increases. I’ve never knit a raglan sweater before (or any sweater) but I’m guessing that the underlying problem is not the structure of the pattern, but the heaviness of the yarn (the pattern is written for worsted, I’m using chunky). So, how do I do this without getting a popped collar? My first thought was to do maybe one or two rows of the neckband, and then start the raglan increases right away, continuing to do seed stitch for a bit and then changing over to stockinette. Does that make sense to people who have knit raglans before? Any advice would be quite welcome!

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