I’m sorry, but if you’re going to include Viagra as a prescription covered by the health care you offer your employees, you damn well better cover birth control so the women married to these guys can have some non-surgical control over the situation. Via Planned Parenthood: Eighth Circuit Upholds Excluding Birth Control from Health Care Plans

The press release doesn’t make the Viagra point; that was in an email alert I got from PP.

If you can afford to donate (I wish that I could) please consider it. This is preposterous.

3 thoughts on “Disgusting

  1. OMG – isn’t this the MOST frustrating thing in the world!! Obviously the men in these companies (with the penis problems) are only thinking of themselves – and since their wives are menopausal…. I could go on and on here.

  2. This pisses me off to no end. When I first joined the workforce, it was standard practice for group insurance plans to not cover oral contraceptives – but that was two decades ago! At some point, this changed in California, but apparently other parts of the country would like to take a giant step back 😦

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