Grown-up Librarians

On Wednesday, Ellen and I presented a poster at NERCOMP 2007. (Here’s the page with the abstract, which will hopefully remain persistent. Somewhere on the webpage edition of Spinstah is the original, far-too-long, proposal we wrote for this presentation.) The topic was the GSLIS Emerging Technologies Workshop Series, which I coordinate (pick the “workshops” tab up top for more info and links out into the GSLIS sites with even more info). We had a great response from the folks who came by! Lots of interest, and lots of good (if short) conversations.

People asked us if we took these on the road, and the stock answer I was giving was “we’d love to, but we’re both still in school right now.” That being said, if you are someone who would like to have us present one or some of these workshops to your group, please contact me (spinstah at gmail dot com)! If you’re local to Boston, there’s an especially good chance we can work something out.

I really enjoyed doing this, which makes me think about how far I’ve come in the last nine years. Whodathunk?!

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