Knitting Accessories

For SP10: What is your favorite knitting accessory?

This is a tough one for me, since I really don’t have that many knitting accessories, and the ones I do have are utilitarian, not cute. I’ve got cable needles, plastic stitch markers, a row counter I never use because I forget to update it as I knit, tapestry needles, folding scissors, tape measures. Nothing that really inspires fondness.

The only thing that might count is the WIP bag I got in Austin. So cute! But for all of the cuteness, I rarely use it. Right now, the only time I take projects anywhere (regularly) is to SnB on Tuesday nights at school. But I’m at school all day before that, so I have my backpack or another big ol’ bag with me. Sometimes I’ll put the project int he WIP bag, and then the WIP bag into the backpack, but that renders the cuteness a moot point. Maybe someday when I’m a grown-up librarian and am going to a different SnB (sad day!) I’ll use it more.

If I had a swift or a ball winder, that would definitely be my favorite accessory. Sadly, my own extremities serve as both.

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