Contests @ WTP

Hi folks – Nicole, the big cheese of the Walker Treasury Project, has organized some contests for April. Check it out!

It’s all explained in the contest tab of the site, but in brief, there will be prizes awarded and you can become eligible for them simply by…

  • commenting one someone’s post
  • joining the blog and posting your first post
  • posting a swatch with an Excellent photograph
  • posting a well-thought out, well-planned swatch or series of swatches (see the tab for this explained)
  • posting 3 swatches during the month of April (actually, anyone who does this will get an awesome WTP button to put on their knitting bag!

We’ve got some excellent prizes (knitting books, audio books, yarn) and we’re looking for some more (email us, or check out the contest tab if you’d like to donate something), so you’ll want to check the Contests tab at least once a week!

So, if you’re not already involved this is will perhaps spur you on. Allow me to mention that my book, the Fourth Treasury, has plenty of swatches available.

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