Vile projects

An interesting question posed by my hostess for SP10: what is your most hated project?

Legwarmers. I have knit them twice, in different yarns and different patterns, and each time they turned out badly.

Top are the first pair. Lion Brand Thick & Quick, 1×1 ribbing. I think the problem with these was that I bound off too tightly, but I also just didn’t really like them once I was done with them. They have been unraveled, and the yarn is sitting in a bag waiting to have something done with it.

Next, we have the Cascade 220 Tweed legwarmers I made this winter, using the pattern (and specified yarn, even) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had bought two skeins, but it quickly became apparent that you barely need the second skein to make a pair. So I thought, meh, why bother with that? I used only one skein (but of course, I kept the second skein). In addition to being too short, they don’t stay up. How annoying is that?! These haven’t been ripped out yet, but they will be, don’t worry.

Now I’m thinking that I will try these again in plain stockinette, a la Weekend Knitting. But given that it is now March, that will happen in the fall. I guess I will just knit legwarmers every year until I find a pair I like (or realize that hey, maybe Ms. Ann Taylor here is not a legwarmer-wearing gal).


One thought on “Vile projects

  1. Funny thing … I was just looking at the free legwarmer patterns on knitpicks dot com. Then I hopped over here and saw your post. Have you checked out the free patterns they have? There are three of them. I like the cabled legwarmers they have. Very nice. As someone who grew up in the 80’s i’m loving the fact that legwarmers are back. If only I lived somewhere cold enough to wear them!

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