First package for SP10!

My first package from my SP10 pal was waiting for me this morning when I brought out some recycling. Yay!

I am particularly excited about the Trekking XXL — I’ve seen so many socks knit up with this that look great. I think that this yarn might be better to learn with than the KnitPicks Dancing that I got over the summer, which has weird plying). She also sent me some metal DPNs (we have chatted about how bamboo sock-size DPNs feel like toothpicks that could snap at any moment) and a basic sock pattern. So, guess what I am casting on for at SnB this week?! She also sent me some Hershey’s chocolate — super dark, with blueberries, strawberries and almonds. I have been wanting to try this.

Almost everything had a post-it of explanation, which I thought was great. Thanks pal! I hope that the Florida air trapped in the box will keep the monsoon that is forecasted for Sun/Mon at bay. I want to go the Sox on my birthday, not get rained out!

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One thought on “First package for SP10!

  1. Yay, it made it! Hope you enjoy it all.

    I’m a post-it note kind of gal. In fact, i’d like to shake the hand of the person who invented the post-it note.

    Hope the weather isn’t too hard on ya’ll. I thought of you when I was watching the news last night. Looks like it could be some bad stuff. For now I definitely live in the better climate but watch out for meduring hurricane season.

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