More famous librarians

One of the things that kept me busy this week was an ASIS&T event that I organized for Wednesday evening. I had invited Casey Bisson (far left) to come speak about Scriblio, the online library catalog he built on top of the WordPress blogging platform (which, incidentally, powers Spinstah). He recently won a Mellon award for his work on this, and was also named a 2007 Mover & Shaker by Library Journal, so this was a pretty big deal! I was thrilled when I found out he was bringing along Lichen Rancourt (next to Casey), who has started working on the project with him, mostly doing outreach to try and get libraries in small communities to adopt Scriblio, which they can also use to power their entire library website. That makes it much easier for staff without knowledge of creating websites to keep the content fresh, and enables patrons to search the library website and the library’s holdings at the same time. Yeah!

The interactivity (comments) also enables patrons who can’t normally get to the library to participate in what’s going on. Lichen told a great story about a homebound patron who is now commenting like mad on the Scriblio site his library is using (Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, NH). How wonderful is that?

We had opened this event not just to the current GSLIS community, but to our alumni and to members of NEASIS&T, so it was important to me that things go well. And overall, they did — the only problem we had was with catering. They had my order, but hadn’t processed it. I know this because when I called to find out where the food was, the woman I spoke with knew exactly what I had ordered. They sent over what they could, but it was not the spread I had wanted. Such is life.

People really enjoyed the event, though, and we had great turnout. So now, on to the next thing . . .

One thought on “More famous librarians

  1. Thanks for the summary. I was sorry to miss the event. I see WordPress getting used in so many creative ways, but Scriblio has to be just about the coolest.

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