T-minus 13 days . . .

. . . until the semester ends (for me). I am feeling pretty good about getting everything done, but there is a lot going on so I’ve had to really buckle down. Keeping the nose to the grindstone is keeping me away from blogging, and from knitting. So, a short (photo-less) update just to say “Yes, I’m still alive, and this would be why I haven’t returned your email/phone call/carrier pigeon message.”

I’ve finished knitting the Top-Down Cardi, and just need to weave in the ends, block, and figure out how I am going to close it since I was 2-3 inches beyond where I meant to knit in a buttonhole before I remembered to knit it. Whoops. I think I might get a big button and make the closure toggle-style. I had just enough yardage to complete the sweater. Whew! And of course, now the weather has warmed up so I am not so interested in wearing wool. Oh well.

The socks my secret pal sent me? Not yet cast on, but carried back and forth to school for stitch n bitch the last two weeks. This week, we were all too busy and called it off. Last week, we were too tired to knit and just did the bitch part. Some other, very easy, work is going pretty slowly since I’m not knitting at night — been getting home late and have been too tired. (When you mess up seed stitch it is time to back away.)

Homework is coming along ok; my paper for preservation (destruction of Polish libraries in WWII) is writing up pretty quickly, and I hope to finish it this weekend. I have a couple small tweaks to make to the database my index has gone into, and the folks at the Congregational Library are going to evaluate the indexing itself on Monday. I give the in-class presentations for each of these on May 10 (but the paper is due May 3).

Then, Tuesday night is Speed Geeking. Woo!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be at Mass. Library Association’s annual conference. I think I’m going to stay with my parents Wed. and Thu. night — it’s a shorter drive to the conference location from my parents’ house than it is from Somerville. I should probably call them and let them know about this, as opposed to just randomly showing up. Note to self.

Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) is They Might be Giants in Northampton with Sparkle J and JeT! (And the Derby Dames are playing @ Shriner’s, but Sparkle J’s time-turner is broken, so we can’t go to both.)

So, that’s all for now. Today is my “break day” — slept in a little, going out to lunch with one of my supervisors, then running some fun errands (too bad it’s raining–I may have to rethink where in the city I go to do these errands). Then this evening I’m meeting up with a friend for a drink.

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