T. M. B. G. !!!

Last night, Sparkle J and JeT took me to see They Might Be Giants at the Iron Horse in Northampton. An amazing show, and a fantastic venue. The Iron Horse is basically a pub with a stage — when you arrive for the show they seat you, and there is table service for food and drink. They played for an hour and a half or so — all the old favorites: they started with “Twisting” (the best-ever ex-boyfriend song), and also played “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” “Particle Man,” “New York City,” and an audience participation version of “Drink.” (Lyrics on the wiki.)

They also played a bunch of songs off of their new album, “The Else,” which will be released on iTunes on 5/15, and as a super-special-double-bonus-CD-with-photography in July. All the new songs were great — some of them had a funk vibe, which was really fun.

True to form, they did some weird and funny bits, including “phone calls from the dead,” and running offstage and outside after playing the first song, and again after the third or fourth song — the joke here being that we were at the second of two shows they played last night, this is the encore, haha etc. (I do miss the confetti cannon, though.) Flansy also modified some of the lyrics of “Why Does the Sun Shine? . . . ” into political commentary and Dan Miller did a mind-blowing acoustic guitar intro to “Istanbul (not Constantinople).”

Anyway, I really had forgotten how much I love this band — they’re hilarious and genuine and write and play awesome music. They put on a fantastic live show, and if you ever have the chance to see them I highly recommend it. It’s a ton of fun.

Photo by Ben McLeod.

2 thoughts on “T. M. B. G. !!!

  1. So we’ve met. And I had no idea you had a blog, but this is where it gets weird. 1. We’re in the same program at Simmons. 2. We are both knitters, and have conversed. 3. I found your blog because my friend in California found it randomly while looking for something else today. 4. I was also at the TMBG concert, early edition on Saturday. In fact, I think I see you in the tech lab as I’m typing this. Weird weird weird. But now I’ll be reading you. 🙂
    Not a stalker!

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