First sweater = done!

Finished sweater!

My first ever sweater is done! This is the Top-Down Cardi v 2.0 from Cosmicpluto knits — a very easy to follow and easy to customize sweater. It doesn’t fit quite the way I’d like it to, but half the point of knitting this was just to sort of get an idea of what it was like to knit a sweater, and what sorts of things to keep an eye on moving forward. I’m tired of sitting at the computer, so that’s all you get for now. Maybe later I’ll update this post with some additional thoughts. Or maybe not. Either way, click through for more photos.

3 thoughts on “First sweater = done!

  1. OMY its beautiful!!! I love the colors . Hmm awesome work you should be proud i am getting up the strength to tackle knitting a sweater

    hugs kat

  2. Wow Alison. I’m impressed. It looks great! Well done. I just love that yarn too. Blue is my favorite color so maybe i’m a little biased.

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