Works in progress

A couple of days ago I was going through my stash to see what I have, and I figured I might as well document it for Flickr. Apparently this is an indication of ESP, because my SP10 hostess announced a contest a day or so later: post a picture of your current WIPs. Only one of these things is technically a WIP–the others are just yarn that is hanging around waiting for inspiration to strike. Also, there are a couple of other things I want to make in the very near future, another one being yet another secret project, for which I have yet to purchase anything. (Waiting for that first summer job paycheck . . . ). Anyway, here’s what this stuff is:

  • Red: Re-do of a crocheted scarf I made with Malabrigo in Sealing Wax. I want to make a scarf with this, one that will be less stiff than the one I crocheted. Have started and given up on a few things, including Backyard Leaves.
  • Black: Legwarmers from LMKG that I wore once & not again b/c they fell down, with extra skein of yarn. It has occurred to me that it might make a great sweater vest. Note to self.
  • Blue: Pouch I’m working on in Reynolds Revue and Paton’s Brilliance. Needed the needles for something else. I’m not in a rush to finish this, I think it will wind up being a carrier for someone’s Christmas gift this year.
  • Burgundy: Leftovers from Fetching, some of which were made into an ill-fitting and ripped out Calorimetry. At a loss as to what to do with this next. Another Compulsive Cables?

There’s also the sock, which is motoring along quite nicely. Yay! Click through for a photo of that, as well as photos of yarn I should probably destash, and yarn for upcoming projects.

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