Secret Pal – Second Package!

My second package for SP10 arrived today. Hooray! Look at all this good stuff – Malabrigo, a pattern book (“Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen”) and a needlecase, among other things. My pal is spoiling me completely rotten. Good thing I haven’t sent out my second package to my pal yet — I definitely need to toss in a few more things to pass the good karma along.

Click through for more views.

One thought on “Secret Pal – Second Package!

  1. Wow that was fast. I didn’t expect you to get it until today. Glad you like it. I liked it all too and had a hard time letting it go … ha ha! There was a card in the needle case from the person that made it but I took it out so you couldn’t look in their sold items area on etsy and figure out who I am. Have to keep my anonymity up a little bit longer. 🙂
    I looked through your photos and the sock looks great. It’s so hard to tell what a sock yarn is going to look like before you knit it. I love blue and I dig stripes so I might have to get some of that for myself some day. I just cast on a new pair of socks myself in some Regia Stretch. I like the yarn but I don’t like how the colors are grouping in patches on the sock so I might frog it and try a different yarn.

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