Just as I managed to gather my willpower and get up off of the couch and do things (having recovered from the spring semester) everything got all busy again. Story of my life. And here I thought I was in control of these things!

In any case, there has not been much knitting progress lately. I had been having some soreness in my right hand and wrist, which I think stemmed from too much computer time on the laptop and also too much knitting with tiny needles (first socks ever; second sock is in the midst of turning the heel, not the best place to stop) and cotton (warshrags). So, I backed off for a bit, and in any case there hasn’t been much knitting time available.

My summer class is 2/5ths completed — it meets five times, all day each time. I’m taking History of the Book, which is exactly what it sounds like. So far, we have learned about paper (history, production, types) and type (history, creation thereof) and had just started to barely learn about printing presses in more depth at the end of the second class. It’s very fast paced, which is good. And it is incredibly interesting to learn all of these arcane facts about paper and type. I hope that I can remember them for use to deploy at opportune moments in my perennial quest to trap a worthy geek. (Yes, that is a new adjective in the phrase “trap a geek,” I have raised the bar.) But, I have never been good at retaining odd facts (I’m terrible at trivia games) so we’ll see how that goes. I’m preparing to write a paper on linotype (utterly fascinating) and should have reviewed my notes tonight in preparation for the quiz on Saturday evening (what a glamorous life, taking tests on Saturday night).

The three jobs are going well enough; I am struggling with one of them, though. Without getting into details, the frustration stems not from what I’m doing per se, but in trying to deploy what I am doing in a way that works for the audience. It has gotten a little better this week, so I am guardedly optimistic that it will continue to get better. I guess I’ll find out.

I have also been busy the last couple of weeks trying to cram in all sorts of fun things after work — as usual, with the end of the semester and the re-emergence of the sun in Boston, everyone I know wants to get together and do things. (This is a little difficult when your income doesn’t support going out 3 or 4 nights a week.) That trend seems to have slowed down a bit now, which is helpful for me.

And now, I shall leave you with a link to look at some lovely things (dancing toast!) by a fabulous artist in Western Mass., who I have recently had the pleasure of meeting (because, um, I’m sleeping in her guestroom while at Mount Holyoke–she is a friend of Sparkle J). Enjoy.

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