Hit-and-Run at ALA

We’re back from the trip to DC for ALA, and the poster session went quite well. Traffic was a bit less than I had hoped for, but the folks who did stop by seemed very interested in talking to us about the workshop series. Many of them were involved in doing technology workshops at their libraries, and we encouraged them to look at and use our materials. We also had some Simmons alumni stop by to say hello and introduce themselves, which was really great.

As you can see, the poster looked great, and was perfectly sized to fit on the bulletin boards provided by the convention center. Other than the poster session, and some time spent wandering around part of the exhibit hall, during which I was attacked in true politician style by Jay Inslee, one of Washington State’s senators, who was there to promote a clean energy book (Apollo’s Fire) coming out this fall. We had a very strange conversation about how Massachusetts is a great state that really cares about the environment, and how because of that I should read his book. Had I been less overwhelmed by the exhibits, we could have had a slightly better conversation about WashPIRG (for which I still feel some affection, despite my non-affectionate feelings for whicheverPIRG and The Fund and Environment Fill-in-the-Blank).

Anyway, click through for more photos of DC, including a series of closeups of the poster in case you are curious to see what the heck we were talking about.

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