SP10 final package!

My final package for SP10 came early this week (Monday?) and I forgot to blog about it, though if you follow me on Flickr you’ve seen this already. Anyway, the lovely Celena sent me another great package! The made the sheep soap, and dyed the yarn herself. She also dyed up a tote bag, which you can see if you click through on the photo. She also sent some mocha mix, which is delicious. I had a wonderful time with SP10, and while I’m not going to do SP11, I will definitely do another SP in the future.

In other knitting news, I have picked the sock back up and knit the heel flap the other night. But, at the moment I am spending most of my time reading Harry Potter 6, which I hadn’t read previously, in order to read Harry Potter 7 as soon as Sparkle J and JeT finish with one of their copies. I also saw “Order of the Phoenix” last night, which was very helpful as about halfway through Chapter 2 of “Half-Blood Prince” I realized I had never actually read book 5. Whoops!

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