First Ever Socks

My first-ever socks are done! Click through for on-the-feet photos. These are basic , top-down socks with a little bit of 1×1 ribbing at the cuff, and straight knitting all the way down.
I enjoyed knitting these, even if it took me 2.5 months (most of that time was spent not working on the second sock). The first sock was slightly too big, so for the second I cast on two fewer stitches, and had to make my best estimates as to how many stitches to have on each needle when turning the heel. I think it worked out okay, though I did have a problem where I wound up having to purl while turning the heel. Rather than rip back and figure out what went wrong, I just reversed direction so I could knit, and there is a little hole in the sock where I did that. Since these are learning socks that I will keep, it doesn’t really matter.

I like knitting socks and they do go quite fast, provided you actually work on them. πŸ™‚ I think I am going to have to give the two-at-a-time method a try, though perhaps not for my next pair. Those will be toe-up, probably magic looped.

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