Doing the happy dance

Things have been just a bit stressful around here over the last six weeks or so (due to some personal circumstances, as well as a bunch of stuff going on at school, more on that soon). But right now, I’m doing a little happy dance (I literally did one the other night, ask my housemate).

I’ll graduate this semester, and I started looking at and applying for professional, full-time jobs in late July. (If you actually come to the blog to read my posts, you may have noted a little box on the right with the current tally.) Well, over the course of this week I have been contacted by two institutions to set up a preliminary interview.

This makes me feel so good! Over the last two years at GSLIS, whenever I felt whiny or stressed out, I would try to remind myself that it would all pay off in the end — all the things I do at school would really help to get me a great job. But it’s one thing to tell yourself that, and another one to start getting the emails from strangers that back it up!

I don’t intend to blog my way through the interview process (if you know me and you’re curious to hear the latest dirt, you know how to get ahold of me) so you probably won’t hear much more about this. But, I just had to share the good vibes!

3 thoughts on “Doing the happy dance

  1. I just went through the same thing you are now going through- I graduated Simmons this past May and I just started my first professional librarian position in July. I just wanted to say best of luck to you! It’s so good you are applying now- you are ahead of the curve which is great. I’m sure you’ll do really well- it’ll be exciting to see where your career will take you. Best wishes!

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