Crochet me, crochet you

This afternoon, Joelle and I went to Spark Crafts in Porter Square for a pre-launch book signing and trunk show for the Crochet Me (new website!) book. It was a small group (I didn’t hear about it until Wednesday) but Kim was awesome, and we got to handle a bunch of projects from Interweave Crochet, and from the book itself. It was really fun to finally get to meet her, and the book is just as fantastic as I knew it would be! We also got to chat with Jess & Casey of Ravelry fame.

I haven’t been crocheting much lately, but there are a ton of great projects in this book, including a super cute shell done in the round. I think I might have to make that once I work through a little bit  more of the stash (or get a real job, whichever comes first). There’s also a really great felted messenger bag, which I think I may have to make as well (and which could incorporate a fair amount of various stashed wools, now that I think about it). Anyway, fun times, great patterns, and I managed not to buy any yarn while we were at Spark (um, because I didn’t look at it).

One thought on “Crochet me, crochet you

  1. It was such fun to finally meet you! I was so nutz I didn’t even calm down enough to talk to you about your work and stuff (I’ve totally been wishing I had more time to read the slew of copyright links you’ve been posting). Next time. 🙂

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