It’s officially winter in Boston – we’ve got a big, fast-moving blizzard coming through today, dumping something like an inch and a half of snow an hour. This photo was taken at about 2:30, near Fenway Park. The trucks in the street behind Andrea & Joelle? For all intents and purposes they were parked. All of the streets we saw around the Simmons/Longwood/Fenway area were completely jammed up and not moving. Huntington Avenue was a mess, and it was affecting the T — drivers were trying to turn onto cross streets and when the traffic on those backed up, they blocked the tracks. It took Joelle and I about an hour to get from the Museum stop to Park Street on the E. (I think this usually takes about 10-15 minutes once you get on the train, I rarely travel on that route.) I’m glad I’m home.

2 thoughts on “Blizzard

  1. EEK! Glad you made it home!

    We helped push 3 cars on the way home from HBS to Central Square. Mass Ave was a disaster.

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