New Year, new everything

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays, or at least made it through relatively unscathed.

I’m not going to do a long, reflective post on it, but 2007 was a big year for me in a lot of ways. On the professional side, I have gotten my career in librarianship off to a rarin’ start, with poster presentations at two conferences (NERCOMP ’07 and ALA ’07) well in advance of finishing my MLIS at Simmons.

Outside of school there were a lot of crafty firsts: first socks, first felting project, first successful lace project, first sweater. And in the “life in general” department, I feel like I’ve grown a lot on a personal level; some of that comes from how much I love my field, and some from life in general. Overall, my confidence and self-assurance have shot way up (and they were pretty good to begin with) . . . which is why I feel completely ready for a nice big life change:

I’m moving to Baltimore, where I will join the wonderful reference team at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library in the new position of PR/Instruction Librarian. Two very different things, yes, but I think they can go hand in hand. (Or at least, I can do them both without going nutty.) The movers have already taken my stuff, and I will follow tomorrow. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get down there and start settling into work, a new neighborhood and city, and a new apartment. It’s going to be great!

I’m not much of one for New Year’s resolutions, but there are some goals and plans that I suppose can fall under that category, given the time of year that this change is taking place. They’re things that are made possible by the free time I’ll have now that grad school is over, and things that having a full-time job with a good salary will make possible. Of course, I’ll share on the blog as things progress.

One goal I will share now, though, is taking (at least) a picture a day to post to a 2008 photo journal (html and Flickr). (Actually uploading photos daily may be slightly difficult until I get Internet access set up in my new apartment.)

I apparently don’t have a good way to tie up this post, so I’ll just close by thanking everyone (especially family and friends I see in real life) for all of your support this year. It’s been good and bad, stressful and hilarious, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

3 thoughts on “New Year, new everything

  1. What an upbeat posting! I’m very glad at how positive you are about everything. It’s wonderful that you are so excited about the move and the job. It’ll make the stress and chaos of the move worth it.

    Put 2007 behind you, all the hard work and stress is behind you and everything will be coming up roses for you in 2008 my sweetie pie.


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