Time for yoga

One of the things I was most looking forward to about being done with school was having time to fit yoga back into my schedule. Once I realized that I’d be moving and would have my own place (and saw that per-class prices for yoga in my neighborhood are no more affordable than they were in Boston), I decided I’d try out a yoga DVD or two through Netflix (any recommendations for beginner yoga DVDs?).

Right now I have “AM and PM Yoga“, which has two 20-minute routines. So far I’ve done the PM three or four times, and it’s pretty good. Lots of good stretching — which really does help relieve tension, I am always surprised by this — and I find the whole routine (which includes a brief centering exercise at the beginning, and a nice cool-down)  does wonders in helping me clear my mind from work and get on with my life (by which I mean, having dinner and knitting).

My only complaint is that there’s a point in the midst of the routine where the yogini isn’t giving enough instructions as to what to do with your hands and feet — and unfortunately the starting position, and the ones you are supposed to move into, are such that you can’t really see the television because you have your ass in the air above your head and are eye level with your knees. Even knowing this is coming I’m still not quite ready for it; I’m hoping after I do this one a few more times I’ll figure out some way around this. (Maybe if I do the whole thing sideways instead of facing straight at the TV? There’s a thought.)

Anyway, I haven’t done the AM yoga yet — most days I really need to eat right away, and groggy, hungry yoga doesn’t strike me as all that relaxing and restorative.

I might start going to an in-person session at one of the colleges one night a week — I heard a rumor today that they have free yoga on Thursday evenings. I didn’t get a chance to call today and double check, but I should be able to do so before next Thursday. We’ll see!

I’ve also been walking to work every day and home 2-3 nights a week. So far, the nights I’ve been there past 6pm I’ve gotten a ride home from one coworker or another; other times, a coworker who lives nearby has dropped me off if he’s leaving work at the same time. The walk itself is lovely — I enjoy it. There was one week that felt like I didn’t walk very much, and I found that I kind of missed it. It’s another great thing to help clear my head (though that’s not so much the case if someone stops me for directions and then won’t stop talking and interrupting me to let me explain them — ah, feels like home).

3 thoughts on “Time for yoga

  1. I found that when I was working overnights at the bookstore and we’d open DVDs to use at lunch that the MTV Power Yoga was fabulous! Nice if you need to get your energy back up, plus uberstretching.

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